Sportbike Touring Gear Reviews

Author:Seth Richards source:cycleworld View Count:195 Date:2020-02-22

If you’re doing any touring on a sportbike, minimalism is mandatory and versatility is a virtue. A sportbike’s lack of luggage capacity limits its touring capability, but if it’s the only bike you’ve got and you want to hit the open road, using the right gear and luggage can be a difference maker.

Wearing versatile riding gear that can transition to off-the-bike clothing is a great way to free up limited luggage space. There’s no substitute for donning Gore-Tex ADV-touring kit and stuffing your luggage in a pair of side cases, but quality riding denim and a good rainsuit will have to suffice if you want to keep things simple.

I’ll sacrifice convenience and comfort before protection, so I’m constantly testing out different riding jean options, armor combos, and riding boots. While the below items are in no way a comprehensive representation of sportbike travel gear, they’re some of the latest products to find their way into my touring kit.

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